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PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur

Marketplace Specialist

PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur

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Min. Usia

20 Tahun


Pria, Wanita

Min. Pengalaman

1 Tahun



Deskripsi Pekerjaan Marketplace Specialist 

  1. Mengelola kegiatan penjualan dan pemasaran di marketplace seperti update harga, stock, produk dan informasi lainnya yang tersedia di marketplace atau e-commerce lainnya.
  2. Melakukan pengembangan store dan meningkatkan statistik store di marketplace untuk mengoptimalkan omzet penjualan di marketplace.
  3. Mengimplementasi dan mengoptimalkan semua fitur promosi yang tersedia di marketplace dan memastikan kelengkapan administrasi promosi.
  4. Memastikan alur transaksi penjualan pada marketplace berjalan lancar.
  5. Mengelola online campaign secara berkala, baik campaign yang diinisiasi oleh marketplace maupun perusahaan, serta membuat laporan mingguan terkait campaign.
  6. Berkoordinasi dengan tim digital marketing dan desain grafis berkaitan dengan promosi maupun strategi peningkatan statistik toko.
  7. Berkoordinasi dengan divisi finance dan packing untuk proses pengiriman barang dan memastikan kegiatan pemasaran dan penjualan berjalan dengan lancar.
  8. Memberikan insight seperti tren terkini, perkembangan market maupun produk yang sedang menjadi hits di marketplace.

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Tentang Perusahaan

PT. ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR has been a dedicated professional plastic manufacturer over 20 years in Indonesia. We focus our specializations on four primary divisions such as extruded profile, pipe, polypropylene corrugated board and boxes. Since the company establishment in 1989, PT. ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR have always been dedicating to providing our customers not only with high quality plastic products but also with credible commitment and excellent customer services.

With the help of guaranteed experience, high level of quality control, as well as advanced technical support, PT ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR is ultimately prepared to support and fulfill all of your needs in extruded products. By maximizing the practice of cost-effective and eco-friendly strategy , PT. ALPHA CIKUPA MAKMUR also take a part in environmental improvements to foster a sustainable future that benefits our community socially and economically.

To strive for continuous upgrades and innovations, PT ALPHA GEMILANG MAKMUR was established in 2012. Under the brand name ALVAboard, we are committed to manufacturing innovative corrugated plastic sheet with the highest quality standards to follow the rapid changes of people lifestyle


Being one of the largest and committed plastic producers in South East Asia that contributes to the growth of the nation while continually challenging the issue of global warming.


  • Maintaining the finest quality and high-level efficiency of production by continuously improving the system of management and quality control
  • Fostering innovation and creativity by utilizing know how and expertise to accommodate all varying needs
  • Improving the quality of Human Resources to develop comprehensive customer service so as to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Maintaining the production of recyclable plastic products that benefits our community socially and economically

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